Welcome to our online Shop! where you will find compliant resources for your RTO needs. You have the choice to buy the packaged resources or the individual item.

Our packaged resources have two categories. Assessment Kits and Unit Kits.

Assessment Kits include assessment tool, assessor guide, mapping document, master session plans, case study (where applicable), templates (where applicable), and policies & procedures (where applicable).

Unit Kits include PowerPoint presentations, lecture handouts, online access to relevant volumes of our textbooks, and all other documents which are part of the assessment kit.

Yes.. with the purchase of Unit Kits, you will get free of cost, complementary online access to our globally renowned, specially complied VET textbooks on “Business & Leadership”. The textbooks comprise of over 2500 pages in five volumes and have mapped to 160+ units in BSB Training Package.

We specialise in BSB training package!

On this page you will find resources of business and leadership qualifications. You will find that our RTO training resources as one the best tools in up-skilling your students and raising your RTO’s compliance standards. Our resources are equally suitable for CRICOS and domestic students. You can comfortably use them for classroom trainings, online trainings, and workplace trainings.

You can purchase our learning material online OR you can send us an email to organise an offline purchase.

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