Flipbook: Business & Leadership – Vol 3


Flipbook: Business & Leadership – Vol 3

Please Note:
This is a Flipbook version of Zaheer & Dr. Sathya’s volume 3 on “Business & Leadership”. It only allows you to access the Flipbook online. You cannot download or print the book.
You will re-directed to our parent website dotlnd.com to make the purchase and access the Flipbook.

Book Description

A comprehensive and indispensable resource that delves deep into the core aspects of business operations and management. With its extensive coverage of essential topics and practical insights, this volume provides readers with a wealth of knowledge to excel in various business environments.

Spanning over 522 pages, this volume is a valuable addition to a 5-volume series, each focusing on different facets of business and leadership. In this volume, readers will explore critical business areas including business operations, business continuity, business performance, business systems, corporate social responsibility, customer service, meetings, resource management, operational & strategic planning, and supply chains.

Designed to cater to a wide range of audiences, the volume serves as both a textbook and a comprehensive reference book. It proves equally beneficial for students, teachers, and managers, enabling them to gain a deep understanding of the principles and practices that drive successful businesses.

The book’s versatility extends beyond academic settings, making it equally suitable for vocational education and workplace trainings. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your leadership skills or an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to establish a successful venture, this volume provides the tools and insights necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Packed with real-world strategies and practical tips, the book empowers readers to develop their business management acumen. 

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