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What’s in it?

Our assessment tools are simple. No cluttering, no over-assessments, no un-necessary repetition of tasks.

They are written in simple plain English with natural flow of tasks.

They are fully compliant and 100% mapped with unit of competencies.

Incorporated templates are industry compliant. 

Our tools help your students to learn & use what is being practiced in the industry.

Continuous Improvement

Although, we are confident you wouldn’t need it but we can contextualise the tools to your specific requirements.

A large number of RTOs are using our tools. We always encourage our clients to share their resource validation reports. 

Our resources have passed multiple audits, without any hiccups. However, we are always ready to listen to any shortcomings or improvement suggestions.
We can make the necessary changes and send you the updated versions free of cost as long as they belong to the same version of UoC.
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